A Brief History

This really is a family ministry. The original, short-term mission team in 2008 was Bryan & Lynda Hope, Chris & Amelia Hope, and Allyson Hope. We ministered locally by relieving poverty with money, food, clothes etc, in the squatter settlement of Suva. We had teamed up with a Fijian group called YPROut (Young Professionals Reaching Out).

We realised we could help more effectively and economically in the longer term. It wasn’t just hunger, but the kids weren’t going to school. They simply couldn’t afford the fees. We discovered the school fees were about $70 per year, including uniforms, shoes, and books.

We came home, we talked to friends at church etc and quickly raised enough sponsors to help 35 kids. So we went back at Christmas that year. Bringing Hope Ministries was formed with the mission to break the poverty cycle through education. That was the beginning of things, and our first child sponsorship program commenced in January 2009.

In 2011, it was becoming increasingly harder to run the program from Australia, needing more reliable administration local to the need, so three of the Hope family moved to Fiji full time.

Allyson Hope now runs the greatly expanded ministry in Fiji, Chris & Amelia now run a ministry in Europe, Africa, & the Middle East, and Bryan & Lynda oversee operations from our home base in Australia.