We have been around for what seemed like an eternity, since the beginning of RFC. Our family was part of the fabric. We had been to Bible College there, we had pastored there, we had babies there, we had built the church there (literally & spiritually - built the church). But when I walked into church yesterday, it was if I were in a foreign place. I often wondered in the weeks and months leading up to this day if I would ever really know when I was ready to go. Would I ever really feel ready? The closer I got the more I wondered.

Months ago, sitting in our pastors’ office planning my transition and getting ready to go, I asked Ps Pasty (because they have done this before) if she ever felt ready; was there a point where she felt disengaged & ready to move on to what God was calling them to? That new place? My heart was unsettled. I was restless, I didn’t like it. It’s like a plant that’s been potted. In order to re-pot or plant it into new soil first the soil is softened, then the plant gets lifted out (sometimes with a bit of poking a prodding), then, the plant gets shaken (the excess dirt removed falls back into the pot) but some soil remains. It has to happen in order for proper growth to take place. There is grace for this transition, you will know.

Rhema Family Church has been such a good training ground for us. So much was learnt, experienced, sown into us, pulled out of us & rearranged in us. We had always been so attached, so involved. But yesterday- I didn’t and it was weird. I arrived and got out of the car, and all of a sudden I was ready to go. FINALY.

Chris and the boys will be around for another few weeks but yesterday was the last service I will be in. Yesterday included a few tears, hugs, so much love, a few random moments (my randomness), but mostly appreciation for our church, our pastor, our teams and our friends.