So in a few days our family will be reunited. It feels like an eternity when realistically it will be 20 days total.

Chris and the kids took me to the airport on the 25th of September. It was hard to say goodbye. I admit I cried. But as I walked out of sight I was acutely aware that I serve a big God, with a big plan.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been around the globe whilst Chris has been at home with our 4 kids and bravely faced head lice, vomit bugs and packing for 4 children. He messaged me the other day when I was in Zambia and told me what everyone in the house was doing – “mum and dad are watching TV, the kids are…. Dinner was spaghetti marinara with cream sauce. Not bad for a house husband….” Followed by “In 6 days I quit.” Being the parent that stays at home is a tough gig. I know, I’ve been that parent for a long time! Chris still has to get on a plane and bring all 4 of them to the USA.

I wanted to share with you a little bit about what I have been doing these last few weeks. I left for Germany and Africa to attend Rhema Directors’ Meetings. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the Directors so that as we transition into our new roles we know who people are. I sat in several days of meetings listening to the Directors of Rhema Bible Training Centres in Europe and in Africa share about the nations and what God is doing as we continue to serve this mandate together. Amazing meetings that will see Rhema Europe, Africa and the Middle East positioned for exponential growth. We prayed together, rejoiced together, found solutions together and laughed together. They each love the nation that they have been called to and they serve with such humble hearts. It was an honour to spend some time with them.

I am now back in the USA waiting for my family to arrive. I have missed them. Their faces, their hugs, little Amirah’s hand. I can’t wait to see them.