About two weeks ago a supermarket in a suburb just outside of Suva caught on fire.¬†Unfortunate, and a cause for trouble for a lot of families. But there is a reason it was a tad more memorable. In the months of October and November, when Fiji celebrates an Indian custom called ‘Diwali’, the supermarkets sell fireworks to the public.

So as you can imagine, there is fire and fireworks in abundance, making for quite a show to the local residents.

But the reason I’m bringing it to your attention now, is because the local supermarket in my area has become cautious, fair call - but they may have gone overboard.

One of these beauties (fire extinguisher picture) now sits proudly at every check out and next to every aisle in my local supermarket!

Did no one think to do this in all the years they’ve been selling fireworks? Did it really take an entire suburb getting a free fireworks show for them to realise: “Oh! These are a fire hazard!”

I may have giggled harder and longer than I should have. Lesson learned and action taken! Good job, “Shop ‘N’ Save” Lami!