Had a bit of a major scare this week. One of the sponsor kids went missing over night (I say kid but she is in her late teens). I received a frantic call late one night from a mother who I work closely with each week, saying her teenage daughter hadn’t been seen or heard from since that morning.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending and she was found at her cousin’s house the next afternoon. A simple case of a dead phone battery.

But it really brought into perspective that there wasn’t much we could have done if she wasn’t found. Of course the police would have been called and action taken, but in a place like Fiji and with a girl her age, so many things could have happened in the space of that 24 hours.

While it wasn’t a pleasant experience for her mother (and I admit that I was terrified) it turned into an amazing opportunity to talk to this teenager about so many things, and also an opportunity to be the person that her mother could rely on.

This story had a happy ending, and I pray that I can continue to guide and teach this young woman as she grows.