Living in Fiji has really opened up my eyes to how doing something small for someone can really change their day and in certain circumstances, their week.

I ran into a man today, he was reasonably young. He came up to me as I was walking in Lami town and as he walked up to me I was a bit cautious and admittedly annoyed. I had my hands full of shopping and was struggling to find a taxi, he approached me and gave me an awkward handshake and said thank you.

I didn’t remember why he would say thank you or who he was until he reminded me, that almost a month ago he had asked me for a dollar to help him get home. It was late at the time and I was unsure how a dollar would help him so I had given him a five dollar note and had been on my way. I didn’t remember him, but he had remembered me.

That small amount of money had gotten him all the way home and a month later when he saw me he remembered and I didn’t.

You never know how much a small kindness means to someone.