Our kids are very quickly learning that wearing shoes is not optional, nor is wearing shorts or leaving the house without your jacket. In Brisbane, shoes are generally optional. The weather is hot and you can run into the corner store without shoes and no one will look twice. Wearing shoes for Ben is a challenge anyway. He doesn’t like them. Actually he doesn’t like anything that could be considered as tight or fitting. Shoes, socks, pants, underwear anything that could restrict his movement in his mind is “optional”. We get home and he takes off as much clothing as possible. It’s kind of like ‘Pants Off Friday’ is every day. So when you decide to follow your big brothers outside wearing just your underwear and it’s -1 degree celsius but feels like -8 because it’s windy of course you’re going to get cold and quickly.

The big kids have given themselves to science this last week. The experiment: How long can you stay outside and at what temperature? They are charting their research and will have a conclusion shortly. Benji has decided NOT to participate any further in their experiment due to the near death experience he had earlier. FYI: Benj is fine, and when you tell him its cold outside he actually believes you and is happy to find and wear his jacket.