Staying Connected with the Hopes

The blog of Chris & Amelia Hope in Europe, Africa, Middle East

Join our family on our faith adventure as we leave behind extended family, friends, and everything we know and have grown up with, and take four young children on the mission field exploring the exciting destiny God has in store for us.

Family… All together

So in a few days our family will be reunited. It feels like an eternity when realistically it will be 20 days total. Chris and the kids took me to the airport on the 25th of September. It was hard to say goodbye. I admit I cried. But as I walked out of sight I was...

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That’s a wrap!

It’s late, we are tired – it’s been a good day. It was dark when we started setting up in the front yard and down the drive and as the sun slowly found its way over the horizon we found ourselves inundated with “stuff”. Our belongings were all sitting out there, on...

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Everything Must Go

Over the last few weeks we have been preparing for a mammoth garage sale. Between us leaving the country and helping preparing mum and dad’s house for sale, we have all been busy. In October last year we moved out of our house and into mum and dad’s home. As we began...

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