I have written this so many times in the last week. I get about half way through the “details” and I quit writing. As much as I love “details” what we have to share with you is about so much more than the “details”. It about what happens when all of those “details” are divinely connected as we follow God’s leading in our lives.
We knew when we left Australia that we would have our faith challenged, even on the most basic level. We knew we would experience things that we have never experienced before. In the past 9 months we have learnt some things, discovered some things and been shown some things

Amongst the many amazing things that have happened where He has been faithful we wanted to share this with you.  It’s in highlight form because as much as I love the details this is about HIS faithfulness in our lives. Believe me, the below is the condensed version.

We needed to move for a whole bunch of reasons. Primarily because we needed stability for our family before we trek across another ocean to live in London.  We were just back from the USA and Chris was just about to leave for Australia. We went to Londonderry to be part of the Dynamic Church Planting International Seminar being hosted by Rhema UK & Ireland. We had done chunks of this training before but still felt that we needed to be there.  God used this time to confirm our move and the journey ‘by faith’ continued…

Moving has its normal challenges but ours was of a different kind. We didn’t have furniture to haul from one side of the country to the other, or a kitchen to pack up or even linen. Our challenge was we didn’t have a house… BUT we were moving all the same. Ahhhh… Yes we know that doesn’t make sense.

Local Pastors (David & Claire Cullen) were house hunting…

  • We needed a 6 month lease (The Republic of Ireland doesn’t like 6 month leases)
  • The lease needed to come with options to stay on if we needed to
  • The house needed to be close to the border but not over it
  • It needed to be within our budget
  • It needed to have some furniture (fridge, washing machine etc)
  • It needed to be close to church and the Rhema Derry Campus
  • It needed to be big enough for our family (that is 7 of us currently)
  • There needed to be opportunities for Ally to work
  • There needed to be a school or schooling solution
  • Some grass would be nice
  • We needed the bond and one month’s rent

It was a bit of a list but they found one. We readied ourselves to move but just days before we were due to move the landlord advised the house would not be ready, so we extended out dates in Ardmore.  Closer to the date, the renovations to our rental were again not going to be complete. We were officially homeless in 4 days. Hmmm, not quite our plan but God had a plan. The Landlord knew of another property. Turns out the house belonged to the local Presbyterian Church and we could move in. So we packed our things and set out for Londonderry. After a long day of travel we signed our new rental contract (we still hadn’t seen the house) and we were on our way to our new home.

We arrived and oh my… It was a house all right and you know that list, well God completely obliterated it.

  • 6 months lease, that could be rolled to 10 months if we needed
  • It had all the major furnishings (and God took care of the other beds etc.)
  • It’s a 25 minute drive to church and Rhema Campus
  • The house is huge, like so much room. 3 living areas, bedrooms, a full kitchen and dining room, bathrooms.
  • Ally has a job trial on Sunday afternoon
  • Schooling is still a work in progress
  • So much grass
  • Bond and one month rent sorted
  • And God chucked in some extras.
    • A washing line (bizarre that I would be excited about a washing line I know but with 4 kids you need a line to dry clothes)
    • A double garage
    • A laundry. Previously our washing machine was in our kitchen (not uncommon in Europe)
    • A view of the water and its beautiful. Amirah likes to watch the commercial boats go past.
    • It’s a fishing village so come summer and Chris will be fishing on a wharf.
    • A beach walk that is way cooler than our last

We couldn’t have pulled this together even if we had tried but God could and did. He said GO we said OK and He took care of the details but it started by faith. Faith in the one who whispered something to us many years ago. Faith in Him and faith in what He said and as our journey unfolds we are so thankful for the people who journey with us. In faith, in prayer, with finances and in love.

We are excited to be here. Excited to be part of what God is doing here and so thankful that He is faithful and through the details we see an intricately weaved web of relationship and provision unfolding before us.

There is so much work to be done throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. So much of where God has called us to is within the 10/40 window and have never heard the Gospel. So we invite you to partner with us to share the Gospel, train & equip leaders and raise up church planters to see the His kingdom advanced.

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We look forward to sharing with you next month.

Much love,

Chris & Amelia.