On the 20th of April (the day Chris arrives back in Ireland) we would have left Australia 209 days ago. Since then, Chris has been away 71 days, I have been away 56 and the whole family has been together for 82 day. We will have moved (packed all of our possessions and moved) a least half a dozen times. Keep in mind our possession consist of clothes, electronics, a few books and our suitcases. It’s a little easier for us to pack up and move than you. In saying that it’s still a bit extreme,we know. So we have gotten really good at packing our stuff and getting into the car. Which is great, because we are just about to do it again…

On the 18th of April (2 days before Chris gets back) we are moving as close to the boarder between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (which is the UK) as we can. WHY? Transition is a process. There are necessary step that must be taken to achieve a goal.

So, I asked the older boys “why are we moving?” Sebastian will tell you ‘because God said’ and whilst that is true, that we believed that we are called to be here, and to be part of the next transition for Rhema Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The doing part of this is somewhat complex and has many steps that need to be ordered.

So why are we doing this? The move is about position our family ready to do that last leg, probably the most complicated step_ and move to London.

And whilst this is another transition to adjust to it is a very important one.

In the last 209 days our family has been together as a unit for 1/3 of this time. 103 days the kids have only had one of their parents at home. 24 days they have had no parents at home (Aunty Al was home with them). They have lived in 6 different homes, a number of hotels, done countless trips to the airport and had to learn where things are in so many different supermarkets. For the next 6 months they will have one home, two parents, one aunt and one supermarket. It’s been a big 6 months and they are looking forward to having some predictability and stability for a little while.