Thought I’d share how, contrary to popular belief, we don’t sit by the beach on hot days (as much as we would like to). Hot, sunny days means work. All the washing has to be done and all the beddings ‘sunned’.

I live in Suva where it raining more often then not so sunny days are rare and must be utilised!
Now because at my house I share washing lines I have to forfeit my sunny day washing. But today I went to my neighbours house to borrow their machine and lines.

In the photo you can see Abraham cutting the bamboo to hold the lines high off the ground, they have at least 5 lines hanging all around they’re yard.

Aunty Sai and I have spent the better part of the day cleaning and scrubbing the house and then doing the washing, now all the hard work is done, I might go have a cup of tea and a nap. Might go crash the local resort and have a swim.. Who knows.